Custom Software

XY Guru believes in crafting high-quality products. We understand that quality of delivery and communication with clients is just as important as the quality of code. With the rapidly evolving industry and business needs, our services have also been reactive and future ready. Be it Agile development, shorter delivery cycles, faster releases, more open source, mobile apps, cloud solutions, more automation and use of AI, we are always prepared to transit seamlessly. Our secret to efficient development lies in how we manage our development services and our relationship with you. It is not just our commitment to follow the best practices, but the caring attention we cater to the needs of our employees and our clients which makes us different.

Process for Development
We follow a distinct process for scientific software development to achieve best outcomes

Requirement Analysis: We understand the requirements of the scientific community before developing apt solutions. We work towards understanding the complex algorithms needs, and motivation behind software development

Design Consultation: Based on requirement understanding, and thorough analysis of your needs, and consulting with scientists on their software specific needs, we offer design consultation services

Development: Using best practices combined with proven methodologies, we develop solutions meeting your requirement definition and approved design prototypes

Testing: We understand the volatile nature of the requirements, which is why we test for unconventional environment, thus offering results that exceed your expectations from the software solutions

Maintenance: A scientific software solution requires more maintenance as compared to regular solutions, and we offer best-in-class maintenance and support solutions to ensure feedback incorporated into the solutions
XY Guru software development services include:

• Multigenerational product development
• Product development for regulated industries of various domains
• Custom application development
• Mobile app development
• Web app development
• Desktop app development
• Re-Engineering for technology modernization
• Program management & large enhancements
• Package customization and global implementations
• Integration of application with 3rd party software
• 24/7 SLA defined production support
• Public and Private API development
• Front End Development
• Building Browser extensions
• Data migration
• Data warehousing & business intelligence services

Benefits of Working with Us
XY Guru offers complete research and design consultation services to enrich your software solutions with apt design processing as well as logical and mathematical solutions. We assist in understanding the input and output data requirements, techniques and controls for the scientific solutions as well as design and development standards for such solutions.

We design solutions using standard practices, user needs, and design feasibility standards. Using flexible engagement models, we ensure you get the solutions without loss of time. Our budgeting standards help us offer best-in-class cost-effective solutions.An ideal team, proper understanding, and continuous involvement from the start help us offer workable solutions to your needs.

Dynamic Website Development

We all know that web designing is the way in which one is able to attain a unique identity for themselves and their company. Dynamic Website Development in Bhubaneswar, is the forte of XY Guru, and we ensure that these are deployed in a manner so as to impress our potential clients with the designs. Our Web Development Company niche lies in its strong visual appeal, coupled with functionality and simplicity. All these things ensure that the clients are engaged to achieve a strong brand familiarization. This helps us to take our clients’ websites to newer heights. The biggest challenge in web designing is to strike the right chord with clients, and we always are able to do that !

Web Development is the driving force that makes the websites and web applications functional. Our Web development company’s team work in a customized manner to provide phenomenally excellent results using various web application developments technologies like PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets, Perl, ColdFusion, and HTML, XML, WAP etc. Our Web Development services are geared towards providing momentum to our clients’ sites by making them fully functional and utility driven. We have created a niche for providing sites that are not only aesthetically appealing, rather they are functional as well! Our team is highly adept with all the functions, so right from conceptualization to implementation, we work to provide a good worth to our clients’ businesses.

Our team of professionals is highly adept at designing for both Static and Dynamic websites templates, Corporate Sites, Website Designing Services, Web Design India, Personal Websites, Responsive websites and Blogs. It’s not only the designs that we handle, rather we have a very strong hand in terms of technology as well! Thus having well aided futuristic designs helps us to propel our client’s website in the right direction.

How we do it?

The process of Dynamic website development involves a careful analysis of your requirements; integrated with right spicing of images, strong content, and powerful technology driven engines. This ensures an end result that is an impressive progeny of XY Guru!

The result

The result of this deadly combination of ours is a happy client that is able to tap the market to get further orders. The seamlessly carefully integrated approach of the right design elements and appendages help to maneuver your website in the right direction.

Our websites have underlying features of accessibility, navigability, compatibility to all platforms, readability and utility. These are possible owing to the high end technologies like Ajax, PHP, Flash, CSS, .Net, XML, HTML5 and XHTML used by us. All these ensure that the end result is beyond comparison.

Our dynamic website development in Bhubaneswar capabilities enable us to cater to any kind of websites that you may be requiring. So be it HTML website designs, Responsive website designs, Website Applications, Flash Websites, CMS, Dynamic Website or E-commerce Website…we can deliver any platform that you are looking for. At all times we ensure that the websites made by us are Search Engine friendly to be traceable by the Search engine spiders.

HTML Website Development

HTML is a popular platform these days. XY Guru is a leading HTML Web Development company providing the best solutions to the clients across the globe. We are known for developing visually appealing and stunning websites and mobile applications using HTML development services. Team XY Guru delivers the best HTML Development solutions by using a mix of skills and expertise. Our professionals are teach savvy and provide the best results for HTML application development services.

XY Guru develops great websites and apps using HTML Development quickly and effectively. We have huge expertise in HTML/CSS/javascript, etc. Our expert HTML developers have delivered several projects with ease. As we have worked with small and large businesses, we’re certain that we can cater to all the types of HTML development services. Our professionals think out-of-the-box and enhance the way your business or company interacts with your target customers.

The design innovating lab

Design innovation and execution of any of the HTML5 web development as well as mobile app development projects with a constant innovation in design ultimately helps in enhancing the UX. A dedicated design team strives for constant innovation in each and every projects.

Building a robust application

There are times when one essentially needs the all-inclusive environment in the implementation of the design concept. With the surety of exhaustive mobile application development team, designing, building, and delivering cross-platform user interaction assures end-user satisfaction.

Tailor-made apps

We like our clothes when its fitting is perfect. Same can be said about the application development. Wide range of HTML development services allows dynamic and interactive web solutions which is the pinnacle of the customized web development services. Tailor made applications assures you the best fit for all your business solutions.

Our HTML development services include:

Team XY Guru creates innovative and highly interactive HTML apps for different industry verticals. You can rely on us for feature-rich and robust applications using HTML development. We don’t just deliver apps, but also ensure that our clients are able to achieve the maximum ROI.

  • Feature-rich Mobile Applications
  • Interactive Website Development
  • HTML/CSS3 Development.
  • Transformation of your existing website to HTML.
  • Conversion of PSD to W3C-validated hand-coded HTML.
  • Responsive Implementations using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • JavaScript/jQuery implementation.

We are backed up by the latest tools and technologies that assist us in delivering client-centric mobile solutions using HTML Development Services. We quickly grasp the advanced HTML version to ensure that our clients get the best. You’d surely get the best quality, cost effective solutions and ultimate satisfaction when you choose us for HTML Development Services.

PHP Web Development

Our bright team of PHP developers has a hang on creating a vibrant and appealing PHP websites that are thoroughly examined for its quality. At XY Guru all the PHP websites are carefully customized and has Robust Coding. We are well equipped with our own records of experience with past own code library and open source frameworks like Zend Framework, Smarty, CakePHP and Code Igniter. We are also well acquitting with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Expression Engine.

PHP is most suitable language for Web Development. It is an open-source and known to be the best scripting language that can be easily adapted in HTML to produce dynamically generated web pages.

PHP has secured a bright place in the market over a period of time due to its finest technology of open source domain. The demand for PHP has exceeded to a greater level and it has a strong influence in web application development. PHP is super compatible with databases like MySQL, Oracle, Generic ODBC and PostgresSQL.

Having the characteristic of open source development customization methodology, PHP comes out as the ultimate tool to generate customized web application. As PHP eases the complications of a web structure by offering speedy and smart solutions, it has got a greater demand and significance in the field of Web development.

XY Guru being a PHP development company in Bhubaneswar, has tailored a range of services to offer regarding website development, like e-commerce solutions, community website development, CMS development, PHP MySQL web application development and real estate application development. XY Guru has specialized in developing custom made websites. We have a team of finest PHP developers to make accurate and powerful PHP MySQL web applications that are not only compatible with most operating systems and browsers but also configurable by remote.

Our Team of talented PHP developers, in order to create user-friendly web applications, believes and executes the quality driven delivery model. Keeping the customer in focus our developers do an intense study on the PHP web services and frame the best possible solution. Our rich and robust applications maintain client loyalty as well as client satisfaction.

What is PHP?

PHP is a powerful and effective server-side scripting language that is frequently used in creating dynamic web pages for developing ecommerce and other web application. The definition of php goes like this “php is an open source, reflective programming language. Originally designed as a high level scripting language for producing dynamic web pages, PHP is used mainly in server-side application software but can be executed from a command line interface or a standalone GUI”.

What is MySQL?

MySQL (pronounced “my ess cue el”) is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language for adding, accessing, and processing data in a database. Because it is open source, anyone can download MySQL and tailor it to their needs in accordance with the general public license. MySQL is noted mainly for its speed, reliability, and flexibility. MySQL is most commonly used for Web applications and for embedded applications and has become a popular alternative to proprietary database systems because of its speed and reliability. MySQL can run on UNIX, Windows and Mac OS. Using PHP MySQL in Developing Dynamic Websites Dynamic website is a database driven website where people often come to get fully customized information and site owners can add needed information and update the website time-to-time to drag and retain more traffic to their website. In this highly competitive, constantly changing economic trend, PHP MySQL has become one of the latest and fast growing technologies for making dynamic web pages.

WordPress Websites

In our WordPress development services, we will help to you set up a website which has enthralling and smooth features and strictly responsive for all the devices and which possesses the aesthetics and functionality just the way you like it. We customize your website in the way that managing content can become a child’s play and fun time for you. We provide you with a widget equipped framework, therefore providing you a space for toting up elements such as search box, tags and much more. We completely power your website in the way that you can handle its design and development all by yourself, our wordpress website development in Bhubaneswar drive your site to create long-lasting impression. What’s more we have in our wordpress development magic box for you? Well, we can build various plug-ins to add on various features, build engaging themes, make your site search engine friendly, give your site different browser compatibility, make it strictly responsive so that everyone can open it from any device with a greater user experience, etc.

 WordPress Custom Themes

We at XY Guru provide you custom themes services which facilitate you make over your themes to solutions which are all-embracing, enthralling and adaptable. We customize your themes according to your business needs and make them responsive and different browsers compatible. We employ up-to-the-minute tools and techniques to become flexible to cater to the requirements of all domain businesses. We utilize top notch methods to improve your wordpress framework & stimulate it to provide enhanced value. We provide themes with match existing market trends and coincide with your vision and go beyond your expectations. We believe that your site should work harder than you.

WordPress Custom Plugin

Our WordPress custom extensions services help you to a tot up a higher level of extravagance and customization ability to your sites that are powered by wordpress. Without any doubt WordPress is the finest platform in this epoch, nonetheless it also throws some uncontrolled suite of great features and functions that prove surplus and complex for you, but don’t worry; we have developed some influential plug-ins so that you can avail the features and capabilities of WordPress to the fullest and according to your needs.Our wordpress developers will take your needs in a thorough way and then design the extensions which assist you to neglect writing intricate codes to put some characteristics to your WordPress-Powered website.

WordPress maintenance and support services

Our wordpress website development company in Bhubaneswar provides emergency WordPress support services for the customers who wish to maintain the integrity of their sites’ security. We check for the technological health of your website and help you to remain it hard all the time. Our WordPress maintenance and support services comprise full site backups, database optimization, check for broken links, plug-ins, themes, version updates, security, speed optimization, spam checkup, bug fixing, and more. We can do all the WordPress maintenance and support work for you at cost-effective and best way.

WordPress Caching Technology

Plug-ins takes the WordPress powered websites to the new level and makes it flexible according to your requirements, but adding plug-ins has a drawback which is, it effects loading page time as plug-ins adds processing time to visitor’s page requests. You should not forget the loading page speed is a critical factor considered by major search engines such as Google to rank websites on them. So how can you solve this problem? Well, don’t worry, we have improved caching technology which can boost up speed of your website and give your users a positive experience. Just contact us and we will let you know what catchy technology will best suit you to enhance the performance your WordPress powered website.